Scotty from Marketing

The country’s on fire

From your place to mine

But Scotty from Marketing’s like

‘Nah, this if fine’

‘Ya don’t need to worry

Coz we’ve got the cricket

And on top of that

We’ve got true Aussie spirit’.

‘Ere, shake my hand

I said shake my hand

I came back from Hawaii

So shake my damn hand’

‘I get it, you’re tired,

This fire’s a real beauty

I won’t take it personal

I’m doing my duty.

I’ve come back from holiday

To show you I care

So if you lash out

Or give me death stare

I’ll know you’re not thinking

Not in your right mind

‘Cause this fire’s a beauty

From your place to, well, not mine.’

Ah gee thank you Scotty

We’re so glad you’re here

To share in our sorrow

Our crisis, our fear.

But there’s something you’re missing

Slipped through to the keeper

The whole country hates you

It goes even deeper

You and your bro pack

Of cricketophiles

Have got this one wrong

By 10 million miles

Do us a favour

There’s been a big shout

HOWZAT? Cries Australia

You’re bloody well OUT.

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